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Gleeden develops the first closet with a secret compartment to hide your lover safely and discreetly. “My husband’s home!” A husband who returns earlier than expected, a woman panicked, a lover who tries to hide in a closet… but who inevitably ends up being caught, naked and ashamed. As much as this situation can be hilarious, it is actually a real issue, dreaded by men and women engaged in infidelity worldwide. There are many ways to hide your lover in case your spouse returns unexpectedly: in the bathroom, under theSuite
  7 in 10 unfaithful women will be spending the 13th of February with their lover this year. And what’s more, 74% will use going out with friends for Galentine’s Day as an excuse. A study conducted by Gleeden, the leading site in Europe for extramarital dating with almost 5 million members, had already found out that the most common excuse used by women who want to see their lover is “going out with friends” (66%). The 13th of February is therefore the perfect excuse for every woman who wants to celebrate an alternative typeSuite