Will candlelit dinners, walks on the beach and other intimate pleasures have become “old hat”? In a time when it is becoming less and less fashionable, romanticism struggles to find its place in the life of a couple. But what about extramarital affairs? Are unfaithful partners more sentimental with their lover than with their partner? This is what Gleeden, the European leader in extramarital dating with more than 3 million members, is trying to understand. Find out the responses of more than 7 000 members*.   According to aSuite
  It swings the summer in many cities all over Europe! Every year, Gay Pride events gather thousands of people to march in the name of freedom and equality for all. It’s an opportunity for Gleeden, the European leader in extramarital dating with over 3 million members, to take an interest in the sexuality of its registered members, more and more of whom are tempted to try the experience of a homosexual relationship. Fantasy, real desire or challenge? Here is the breakdown.   “Young married woman seeking women for passionateSuite
  The countdown has started! Euro 2016 will be welcoming its first supporters this Friday 10 June for the France vs Romania match at the Stade de France. This event, eagerly awaited by football fans, is not quite so welcome to most supporters’ wives. In fact, many are looking for excuses to avoid spending long evenings in front of the television. According to a survey by Gleeden, an extramarital dating site with over 3 million members, some will even be taking the opportunity to indulge in a little away gameSuite
  According to a recent study by the Gfk institute, for many people a virtual interaction can be as satisfying as a real human contact. This is a somewhat surprising finding in an era that tends increasingly to technology and multiple means of communication. In this case, can a desire for infidelity be filled by a purely virtual relationship? This is what Gleeden, the European leader in extramarital encounters, with nearly 3 million members, wanted to find out. Here is the breakdown. Posted a month ago, the GfK study wasSuite

What cheaters really want

Posté le 17 March, 2016
  To meet the expectations of its members, Gleeden– which, with nearly 3 million members, is the leader in extramarital encounters in Europe – has set up on its website an advanced search tool through which they can find their ideal lover according to very specific search criteria: figure, colour of the eyes, profession, city, marital status…. no detail is left to chance. By analysing the data most frequently selected by its members*, the site has generated a list of the criteria most sought by cheating men and women. HereSuite