Being exposed is without a doubt the worst fear of the cheater. To save its users embarrassing moments, Gleeden, the European leader in extramarital encounters with nearly 3 million members, has set up a very specific feature on its website. Now there’s no need to worry about spouses walking in unexpectedly – members can be redirected to another web page with just one click. Thanks to the many sites programmed by its members for this “emergency exit”, Gleeden has been able to put together a ranking of the sitesSuite
  Comfortably seated in front of your TV, you are about to watch the latest episode of your favorite series. Nothing but innocence in this situation, right? What if, instead, you were taking the first step toward infidelity? According to the latest study by Gleeden, the leading extramarital encounters website in Europe, conducted among more than 10,000 of its members, some TV shows were proven not to be as innocent as they seem and may well awaken your desires as well as upset the tranquility of your relationship. Which actorsSuite

Infidelity, an unspoken resolution?

Posté le 29 December, 2015
  New Year’s Eve is fast approaching, and the time has come to get back on the dance floor to welcome in 2016. Gleeden, the number one website for extramarital affairs with over 2.8 million members, has conducted a new survey across Europe to find out the intentions of couples at the beginning of the year. New Year’s resolutions ? Unfaithfulness? Discover now, the responses of over 6000 respondents.   New Year, the night of all temptations The end of year holidays are a time when we look out forSuite

Christmas: the truce of infidelity?

Posté le 15 December, 2015
  The presents are placed at the foot of the tree, the aroma of a holiday meal permeates through the home and time feels like it is standing still. The holiday season at the end of the year may seem quite unfavorable for extramarital relationships. Yet, according to the 8,000 members surveyed by site Gleeden, that is not so. Let’s look at it more closely. According to a study by the extramarital encounter site with 2.8 million members, 69% of the cheaters stay in touch with their lovers during theSuite
  Romantic or reckless. Hooligans or nice guys. Athletes or nerds… For every woman there is a type of man. But which men are those that make women fantasize to the point that they forget that they wear a band on their finger? Gleeden, extramarital dating site with 2.7 million members interviewed more than 5000 registrants in order to better understand their desires. Find out now about the top 5 types of men that married women prefer, drawn up from their answers!   1. The nerd In the twelfth yearSuite