In 2014, the results of a study conducted by the sociologist Christin Munsch showed that men financially dependent on their partner were more likely to have an extramarital relationship than others. But it also showed that when the man contributes more than 70% of household income, there is also more risk of him being unfaithful. To explore this complex subject further, Gleeden, the leader in extramarital encounters decided to conduct its own investigation. Are rich men more unfaithful?   By analyzing the income of more than 6000 male membersSuite
  With the arrival of autumn, one often experiences the blues. More so, because the days get shorter, the sun is conspicuously absent and holidays are long gone. These factors can have a real impact on libido. Yet, according to a study by the website, Gleeden, a leader in extra-marital dating, Autumn can have the opposite effect! Indeed, after interviewing over 10,000 male and female members of the site, 82% of them believe that, for various reasons, Autumn is a time for reconciliation, and sex, which can help avoid theSuite

Is infidelity hereditary?

Posté le 15 October, 2015
  The need to escape the daily routine and to seek sexual fulfilment is felt by all social classes, all age-groups, and both genders. But when it comes to yielding to temptation and tasting the forbidden fruit, do personal predispositions play a significant role? Even more interestingly, is there an infidelity “gene”? Is infidelity hereditary? This is the question that Gleeden, a well-known platform for extra-marital encounters, attempted to understand. In a very serious study coupled with an internal investigation of their site members, they managed to uncover some ofSuite
  This summer, everyone’s talking about it and women agree massively: it’s dad bods every time, these men in their forties who have an athletic figure but also a touch of cuddle factor; just right. Bodies that are neither excessively muscular nor completely gone to rack and ruin. The phenomenon is not new, certainly, but in recent months it has taken on a far more wide reaching aspect. Now, there are countless examples of celebrities who have joined the club, like Leonardo DiCaprio or Ben Affleck. Gleeden, the extramarital datingSuite
Astro signs unfaithful
Summer is here! And this season is the perfect moment to take a look at our horoscope sign to see what the stars have in store! Thanks to a lucky star, some of us will have a thrilling and adventurous summertime. Will our star sign have a positive influence on the summer season? Will it lead us to meet new people and be more daring? The answers might be found in the study* led by, the first extramarital dating site made by women, to determine which star signs areSuite