Our Experts

Gleeden has teamed up with a specialist panel of experts to knock down the wall of mistrust and misunderstanding about infidelity, and to encourage modern society to embrace a more open-minded vision of love, marriage, and partnership. Our experts are authors, sociologists, psychologists, sex therapists, sexperts, and bloggers, each with unique perspectives on extramarital dating. We partner with them to offer our community an informed opinion on how to enjoy both their relationships, and their infidelity.

Maïa Mazaurette


Maïa Mazaurette is a columnist, writer, author and official “sexpert” of GQ France magazine. Maïa lives between Paris and New York and wrote several bestsellers that ask fundamental questions about men and relationships through a woman’s eye. Every month, she writes exclusively for Gleeden her “The Maïa Mazaurette’s Column”, where she writes without taboo on sex, relationships and infidelity.


Pierre des Esseintes

Pierre Des Esseintes is a famous French journalist and novelist. After majoring in sexology, Pierre was for many years the editor-in-chief of some important French men’s magazines on which he wrote bluntly about man and sex. After, he focused mainly on writing erotic novels and on his documentary Libertime (2008). On Gleeden, Pierre talks about sex and love from a man’s point of view and wrote for the community the short erotic story The Last Chance.

Sélim Niederhoffer

Sélim Niederhoffer

For many years the sex-coach Sélim Niederhoffer has been offering is best seduction advice on the blog artdeseduire.com trying to help men of any age to unravel the mystery of feminine universe. For Gleeden’s community Sélim share his thoughts on many topics that are particularly relevant to men: how to handle an extra-marital affair, how to seduce women online and especially how to succeed in the world of online seduction!

Carme Sanchez


Carme Sanchez Is a Spanish psychologist and sexoterapist, also Dean of Barcelona’s Insitute of Sexology and Professor of Clinical Sexology of the University of Barcelona’s School of Medicine. On Gleeden she’s the expert of reference for the Spanish-speaking community, to whom she offers her best advice on sex and relationships. For the Spanish-speaking members she writes her monthly column “Ask Carme Sanchez” where she counsels on how to live at best and guilt-free the Gleeden Experience.

Diane Boccador


Elected Best Astrologist of the Year 2014, Diane Boccador has over 20 years of experience and regularly offers her soothsayings on many women’s magazines and blogs. She has become a reference in her field thanks to her unique style and expertise. In exclusive for Gleeden, Diane reveals to members what the stars will bring them thanks to an astrological analysis sign by sign specifically made for them.


Marie-Carmen Garcia

Marie-Carmen Garcia is a sociologist specialized in sex and love in men-women relationships. In 2016 she published the book Clandestine Loves where she divulged the results of her study on long-lasting extra-marital affairs. The topic is addressed from a scientific and anthropological point of view, something that nobody had done before. For Gleeden, Marie-Carmen exposes his views as a sociologist on marriage, sex, and extramarital affairs.

Chantal Bauwens


Chantal Bauwens is a famous Belgian writer with a keen eye for the evolution of habits and customs in our contemporary society. She published a large number of books where she tackled infidelity, sex and relationships and investigated with irony and wit the phenomena of dating online and virtual infidelity. On Gleeden, she offers her original point of view on topics such as love, faithfulness and freedom of choice in the modern couple.