Gleeden, the leading extramarital dating app, reveals Britain’s “Freebie List”: here are the 10 celebs who haunt British men and women’s steamy dreams. “It’s not cheating if it’s with Chris Hemsworth!”; that’s what British women firmly believe when asked about who they would cheat their partner with. Well, looks like it’s not cheating either with a bunch of other Hollywood stars, as long as they are rich, famous, and above all, unreachable! Gleeden, the UK’s leading extramarital dating app with over 250.000 active subscribers, has launched a survey to investigate the popular phenomenon of the “Freebie List” and to […] Read more
  7 in 10 unfaithful women will be spending the 13th of February with their lover this year. And what’s more, 74% will use going out with friends for Galentine’s Day as an excuse. A study conducted by Gleeden, the leading site in Europe for extramarital dating with almost 5 million members, had already found out that the most common excuse used by women who want to see their lover is “going out with friends” (66%). The 13th of February is therefore the perfect excuse for every woman who wants to celebrate an alternative type of Valentine’s Day with her lover: the Galentine’s Day excuse. Galentine’s […] Read more
Whether it’s Fifa, Call of Duty, Fortnite or Super Mario, video games are an inherent part of life for many of us. So much so that some people are even addicted to them. But did you know that spending too much time in front of your screen could put your relationship in jeopardy? According to Gleeden’s* latest study, 61% of women believe that their partner’s habit of spending excessive amounts of time playing video games pushed them in someone else’s arms.   Held every year in April, the London Games Festival is the greatest event in London for all joystick […] Read more

Ladies, brace yourself for Mistress Day!

Posté le 8 February 2018,
  February 13 is “Mistress Day”, the day dedicated to unfaithful lovers. This year, 73% of straying husbands and boyfriends will celebrate the festivity with their mistress   In the era of World’s Days, also extramarital affairs have found their place in the calendar! And just like every year, February 13 marks a day for unfaithful couples and straying men. The notorious “festivity” dates back to 2009, in New York City, when someone noticed a veritable boom of flowers delivered and hotel rooms reserved: and that was how clandestine lovers got their very own day to celebrate their love! According […] Read more

Jealousy, the fatal flaw of the unfaithful!

Posté le 18 January 2018,
  Jealousy is an intruder in many relationships and upsets the balance between a couple. But beware, this feeling that applies to both women and men is not reserved just for faithful spouses! According to the latest study by Gleeden, the European leader in extra-marital encounters with nearly 4 million members, unfaithful people are also very jealous!   It is hard to imagine an intimate relationship totally void of jealousy. According to a study by Statista, 57% of French people are jealous, be it in a controlled, moderate or obsessive way. But what about unfaithful people? Those who allow themselves […] Read more