5 signs you should avoid if you don’t want a heartbreak.   New year, new beginning. This is commonly the time for big decisions with a partner or time to make room for someone new in your heart! But, before you make any life-long decision or lose your head over someone, make sure your partner is not among these unfaithful signs! On the occasion of the new year, Gleeden – the number one portal for extramarital encounters in Europe made by women with over 6 million members of which over 250,000 in the UK – monitored the flow of […] Read more

Female infidelity: a big taboo in the UK

Posté le 5 December 2019,
  78% of British women consider female affair worse than male, while among them 4 out of 5 have already experienced an illicit relationship.   When it’s about infidelity women are widely discriminated, especially by their fellow women. Yet, the number of extra-marital affairs shows they’re not much different from their counterparts when it’s about sexual pleasure. The European Women’s Infidelity Observatory 2019, a study conducted by IFOP – Institute Français d’Opinion Publique (French Institute of Public Opinion) and commissioned by Gleeden – the first portal for extramarital encounters in Europe made by women with over 6 million members of […] Read more

The most innovative closet to hide your lover

Posté le 24 September 2019,
Gleeden develops the first closet with a secret compartment to hide your lover safely and discreetly. “My husband’s home!” A husband who returns earlier than expected, a woman panicked, a lover who tries to hide in a closet… but who inevitably ends up being caught, naked and ashamed. As much as this situation can be hilarious, it is actually a real issue, dreaded by men and women engaged in infidelity worldwide. There are many ways to hide your lover in case your spouse returns unexpectedly: in the bathroom, under the bed, on the balcony … But the most coveted hideaway, […] Read more
  Gleeden, the leading dating site for extramarital relationships, have revealed which astrology sign is most likely to be unfaithful. The all women-run company analysed over 5.8 million site members globally to discover who was the most likely to cheat on their partner. Your partner is Sagittarius? Watch out… If you know your star signs, you will be unsurprised to find out that most Gleeden users were Sagittarius, with 16% of Gleeden members born under the centaur sign. Gleeden’s experts believe that the rebellious nature of Sagittariuses, combined with their deep passion makes them much more likely to look outside […] Read more

Heatwave causes Marriage Meltdown

Posté le 26 July 2019,
  68% of married people argue more during the heatwave. More than 3 out of 10 married people are even sleeping apart! As we all know, an unprecedented heatwave has disrupted life across the UK, but what influence does the heat have on relationships and marriages? Gleeden have asked 8,000 users how the hot weather has impacted them. Half of men experience a drop in libido Due to the heat, unpleasant emotions seem to be bubbling to the surface – irritability (for 76% of respondents), nervousness (62%) and fatigue (36%) are strongly felt when temperatures reach over 30°C. As a […] Read more