Gleeden, the leading dating site for extramarital relationships, have revealed which astrology sign is most likely to be unfaithful. The all women-run company analysed over 5.8 million site members globally to discover who was the most likely to cheat on their partner. Your partner is Sagittarius? Watch out… If you know your star signs, you will be unsurprised to find out that most Gleeden users were Sagittarius, with 16% of Gleeden members born under the centaur sign. Gleeden’s experts believe that the rebellious nature of Sagittariuses, combined with theirSuite

Heatwave causes Marriage Meltdown

Posté le 26 July, 2019
  68% of married people argue more during the heatwave. More than 3 out of 10 married people are even sleeping apart! As we all know, an unprecedented heatwave has disrupted life across the UK, but what influence does the heat have on relationships and marriages? Gleeden have asked 8,000 users how the hot weather has impacted them. Half of men experience a drop in libido Due to the heat, unpleasant emotions seem to be bubbling to the surface – irritability (for 76% of respondents), nervousness (62%) and fatigue (36%)Suite
  On the 6th July, International Kissing Day, Gleeden have revealed that 27% of women in the UK have kissed someone other than their partner. This is below the EU average of 31%, however certain areas in the UK exceed this. Additionally, only 72% of women think that kissing someone else counts as cheating, one of the lowest scores across Europe. The largest report since 2014: For their tenth birthday, Gleeden, the first and largest extramarital dating app, have announced the close of the largest survey on infidelity in five years. The studySuite
  28% of women in London have been sexually unfaithful to their partner, as shown in a landmark study by Gleeden, first extramarital dating site made by women with over 5.5 million members. Additionally, 34% of Londoners have kissed someone other than their partner without taking it further. In fact, London was above average in all categories, and topped the charts in all but two. The full study, conducted by international market research group IFOP for Gleeden, looks at perceptions around female infidelity, the reasons for being unfaithful, and theSuite
  Cheating has traditionally been associated with men. However, according to Gleeden’s latest statistics, women can be just as promiscuous with 33% admitting to having an affair. But who are these modern women who go against the grain to cross the line of infidelity? Gleeden, the leading global dating app for extra-marital dating, have revealed the profile of the average British adulteress. Who are they? What do they look like? What are they looking for, and why do they do it? Does it sound like anyone you know, or maybeSuite