58% of women wish they were in charge of their relationship and consider infidelity as an option to feel empowered and independent.   Five Guys a Week, the latest dating TV show that hooked the Brits during the lockdown is far from being just another entertaining tv program. The show, in fact, conveyed important messaging around gender equality and rose awareness among women regarding their role in their relationship. Although finding the love of your life in less than a week sounds silly, the tv show saw an incredibleSuite
  66% of wives confess sleepless nights being the main source of their infidelity, while 31% admit daydreaming about another man during the lockdown.   A snoring husband is certainly the last thing women want in the bedroom. Sleepless nights and lack of rest can be frustrating enough to ruin the relationship or, in the worst case, even to push the wives committing adultery. In fact, while some partners find themselves re-locating to the spare room in the middle of the night in order to get a few hours ofSuite
  Soar of online dating as couples start to crumble after the lockdown.   Couples who find themselves forced to spend days or weeks cooped up at home, seem to struggle quarantine more than expected. While predictions were made about an increase in the number of births after self-isolation, facts show that couples are more inclined to spend their time online rather than being intimate during the quarantine. The impact of the pandemic on our daily lives is clearly drastic. As previously happened in other countries, the United Kingdom isSuite
  In India, 55% of couples are keen to extra-marital affairs, while Indians in the UK show less tolerance towards adultery.   India is a country with deeply rooted cultural boundaries, especially when it comes to marriage and infidelity. However, the attitude towards adultery varies significantly when comparing the population in India with the British Indian community. With the former group being more prone to break the traditional rules and experience an adulterous relationship, compared to their compatriots living in the UK who seem to be more conservative from thisSuite
  48% of British working-mothers commit infidelity due to their high expectations when it comes to marriage and sexuality.   Parenting is one of the most rewarding moments for couples. However, it is also a major cause of infidelity in marriages. While men are commonly biased to be those cheating on their wives after birth, a new study analysing women infidelity reveals that modern-day moms are more likely to give into temptation and look for a lover when their husbands stop satisfying their expectations. According to the European Women’s InfidelitySuite