London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol and Glasgow were the naughtiest of 2020. Chelmsford, Chester and Stoke-on-Trent were the most faithful.   The 2020 has almost ended and, like it is customary, it’s time to wrap up some of the most significant trends popped out throughout the year. One above all, how 2020, thanks to the Covid19 pandemic, had couples finding themselves self-isolated in a coerced co-habitation that brought out their worst frustrations and buried issues. In this climate of repressed anger and passive-aggressiveness, it’s no surprise that many marriedSuite
  A recent study proves how the partner’s inattentiveness is the cause of infidelity for 8 out of 10 women.   Today it is utterly important that you be extra nice to your wives, fiancées, and girlfriends! Why? Well, first because November 13 is World Kindness Day, the perfect occasion to be nice to people in your life, and second because it has been proven that the lack of compliments is the #1 reason of female infidelity! According to the latest study conducted by Gleeden – the first portal forSuite
  72% of unfaithful Brits admit that compulsory face masks are facilitating their illicit encounters. 18% wish for the situation to continue in 2021 too.   Compulsory face covering has been bothering people all around Britain for months. However, there is a small percentage of individuals who considers it a godsend! We are talking about illicit couples who, according to Gleeden’s latest survey, found in face masks an unexpected ally for their secret encounters. Compulsory face covering, the ideal accessory for traveling incognito Besides offering the best protection against theSuite
  38%of Brits admit cheating on their spouse after getting back to the offices. Almost 2 out of 4 declared this as a onetime escapade after months of lockdown with the official spouse.   For many Brits getting back to the offices after months of lockdown meant not only a return to socializing in the working environment but also a chance for irresistible escapades. A study conducted by Gleeden – the first portal for extramarital encounters in Europe made by women with over 7 million members of which over 250,000Suite
  British women involved in extramarital affairs confess being nostalgic for sex with their lover after being forced to isolate themselves with their husbands, research found.   In occasion of the International Female Orgasm Day which falls on July 31st, Gleeden – the first portal for extramarital encounters in Europe made by women with over 7 million members of which over 250,000 in the UK – conducted a study on a sample of 1,089 female members* in order to discover how their sexual experience was affected following the lockdown. TheSuite