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British women would cheat with Chris Hemsworth if they had the chance, Gleeden study shows


Gleeden, the leading extramarital dating app, reveals Britain’s “Freebie List”: here are the 10 celebs who haunt British men and women’s steamy dreams.

“It’s not cheating if it’s with Chris Hemsworth!”; that’s what British women firmly believe when asked about who they would cheat their partner with.

Well, looks like it’s not cheating either with a bunch of other Hollywood stars, as long as they are rich, famous, and above all, unreachable!

Gleeden, the UK’s leading extramarital dating app with over 250.000 active subscribers, has launched a survey to investigate the popular phenomenon of the “Freebie List” and to determine who are Britain’s most wanted (in bed). Here are UK’s top picks.

British women love a cape:

For women, actor Chris Hemsworth fills the top spot. No wonder that People Magazine has ranked him the “Sexiest Man Alive”!

Canadian-American actor Ryan Reynolds takes the second spot in the sexual fantasies for British women. Reynolds is famous for his roles in the Deadpool movies and is the star of the upcoming ‘Detective Pikachu’ film.

Kit Harington, better known as Jon Snow, is third on Brit’s Freebie List, though we’re not sure how his recently-married wife, Rose Leslie, would feel about this. Harington is one of only two Brits – for the UK’s women, Winter is definitely coming.

32-year old footballer Olivier Giroud comes fourth. He reportedly earns £3.2m a year at Chelsea currently, but we’re sure that it’s his characteristic smile which pushes him up the list.

Somewhat surprisingly, women have put Paul Hollywood in fifth place. The Bake Off judge is likely seen as a ‘silver fox’ at 53 years old, and is currently dating 24-year old Summer Monteys-Fullam. Just be careful of a soggy bottom!

Men prefer younger blondes:

While women’s top five have an average age of 39 years old, British men have confessed that their list is significantly younger with an average age of 30.

In first place, Scarlett Johansson is British men’s top pick for an extramarital experience. Her recent role as Black Widow in the Marvel films may have helped to position her to the top spot, although she’s appeared in over 60 films throughout her career.

Game of Thrones is back on our screens after a two year wait, which means that Emilia Clarke is back as Daenerys Targaryen. This must be good news for Britain’s men as they put her in the second spot on their Freebie List.

28-Year old Jennifer Lawrence, or J. Law, picks up third place in Gleeden’s survey. She first became a household name in 2012 with the release of the first of the Hunger Games films. She recently became engaged to Cooke Maroney, an art gallery director.

Emily Ratajkowski joins as fourth position in the survey. The British-born and American-raised model and actress is 27 and has modelled for Marc Jacobs, DKNY, and Prada among others.

Finishing up the top five, Rihanna is the only musician to make either lists. The ‘Diamonds’ and ‘Umbrella’ singer is originally from Barbados and is currently the seventh-best-selling music artist worldwide.

Major news from Gleeden:

The report is the largest in five years, and is a celebration of Gleeden’s ten-year anniversary, and has surveyed women across Europe, including 1,000 in the UK alone. The full survey features over 20 sections, covering how many women have extramarital affairs, opinions on polyamory, and the reasons behind infidelity, to name a few.

Further statistics are available on request and will also be tweeted at @Gleeden_EN. Please credit Gleeden appropriately when reporting on this study.

What is Gleeden?

Gleeden is the first extramarital dating site made by women, for women. It’s the first website in Europe dedicated exclusively to people who are married or in a relationship and want to indulge in an extramarital affair.

Since the app first launched in 2009, Gleeden has grown quickly and steadily, now helping over five million users worldwide, across India, Europe, Turkey, and with 250,000 users in the UK alone.

Gleeden is now available on iOS and Android in the UK.

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