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The most innovative closet to hide your lover

Gleeden develops the first closet with a secret compartment to hide your lover safely and discreetly.

“My husband’s home!”

A husband who returns earlier than expected, a woman panicked, a lover who tries to hide in a closet… but who inevitably ends up being caught, naked and ashamed. As much as this situation can be hilarious, it is actually a real issue, dreaded by men and women engaged in infidelity worldwide.

There are many ways to hide your lover in case your spouse returns unexpectedly: in the bathroom, under the bed, on the balcony … But the most coveted hideaway, although cliché, has to be the bedroom closet.

That’s why Gleeden, the leader in extramarital relationships with nearly 6 million members around the world, has decided to tackle this universal symbol of infidelity by turning it into an ally.

A secret compartment to hide your lover

Gleeden have invented a new closet which enables your lover to disappear in a few seconds. While it may look almost dull, it actually hides a secret compartment to hide in in case of emergency.

Access to the hiding place can be found through a small door located in the back of the closet. Once closed from the inside, it is impossible for a suspicious husband to find.

A comfortable place to wait it out

In addition to providing a discreet and secure place for the lover to hide, Gleeden’s closet allows the hider to wait patiently until they can sneak out.

Equipped with a retractable seat and a quiet ventilation system, there is also a reserve of water and food for which would last up to 72 hours. In case of intense stress, an oxygen mask is also available at the push of a button.

Because at Gleeden, we think of everything, the closet also has a headlamp (to find your way more easily in the dark), magazines, and a tablet (and headphones) with more than 300 films. And the cherry on top of the cake, you will find a plumber outfit in there, which can be used to escape discreetly and without tipping off nosy neighbours. What more could you want?

Pre-orders are already available

Gleeden’s closet, which has been given a starting price of $499 is already available for pre-order on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Once 2,000 units have been preordered then production will begin.

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