Posté le 5 April 2021

Online dating is back on track as vaccine campaign rolls along


Online dating app Gleeden reports +300 daily traffic and 20% users meeting with their date in real life.


As the vaccine campaign progresses and more people are getting vaccinated against Covid-19, optimism towards online dating is resuming as well.

Gleeden, the first dating app devoted to discreet encounters with over 8 million members worldwide, reported an increase of +300% of its daily traffic and +85% new subscriptions since the beginning of March.

Most of the new subscribers are 50+ professionals, working in healthcare, education, retail, and law enforcement.

According to Gleeden’s latest survey, conducted on a sample of 1,850 users based in the UK, the Covid vaccine is encouraging daters to meet in real life. 75% of users, in fact, report that they are willing to meet with their online date if the latter is vaccinated as well.

Moreover, 20% of responders admit having already met with their match, once disclosed that both parties had already been vaccinated.

Gleeden is a dating platform devoted to married individuals who want to indulge in extramarital encounters. Launched in 2009, it has over 8 million active users in over 29 countries worldwide and over 430,000 members in the UK. Given the peculiarity of the service, for Gleeden users safety is paramount. In fact, before the rollout of the vaccination campaign, the majority of the surveyed Gleeden users affirm having restrained from meeting people from the app in real life, even when the restrictions were less severe.

A global pandemic is not the best scenario in which to start an affair, but with the vaccine campaign up and running and 87% of English aged 50 and above already vaccinated, Gleeden users feel more confident to resume their discreet encounters.

“2020 has been a weird year for online dating, says Sybil Shiddell – Country Manager of Gleeden UK. From one side it helped couples not to implode during the mandatory confinement, providing a source of distraction and de-stress. But from the other side, it prevented people from meeting in real life, actually blocking a real development of the relationship. So from one side we registered an increase of the number of users, both new and returning, of the time spent on the website and of the length of the conversations – which was great for our business – but, on the other, the pandemic has shown the limits of online dating; until what point it’s worth to engage in virtual relations if you are not allowed to explore them in real life?”

Today more than 30 million people in the UK have received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine; hopefully, UK’s adult population will get their first dose of the vaccine by the end of July. Just in time for Summer flings!


* online survey conducted from March 29th to April 2nd, 2021 among 1,862 subscribers based in the UK.