Posté le 15 December 2020

The golden age of extramarital online dating: here’s the list of the United Kingdom’s cities more prone to virtual infidelity over 2020


London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol and Glasgow were the naughtiest of 2020. Chelmsford, Chester and Stoke-on-Trent were the most faithful.


The 2020 has almost ended and, like it is customary, it’s time to wrap up some of the most significant trends popped out throughout the year. One above all, how 2020, thanks to the Covid19 pandemic, had couples finding themselves self-isolated in a coerced co-habitation that brought out their worst frustrations and buried issues.

In this climate of repressed anger and passive-aggressiveness, it’s no surprise that many married or coupled individuals have found in online dating an effective escape valve to blow off some of the steam accumulated in the house. Over the course of 2020, Europe’s leading extramarital dating platform Gleedensaw an increase of +75% in the number of subscriptions coming from the UK.

Gleeden’s UK-based community passed from having approximately 250.000 members at the end of 2019 to counting over 437,500 brand-new subscribers in December 2020.

The top 10 unfaithful cities in the UK (and the most faithful ones)

Most of the new Gleeden’s subscribers come from London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol, Glasgow, Leeds, Edinburgh, Leicester, and Nottingham, who all together represent the 40% of the new subscribers from the UK. These cities have between 20,000 and 16,000 registered members each.

Newcastle Upon Tyne, Cardiff, Belfast, Cambridge, Sheffield, Oxford, Southampton, Aberdeen, and Reading follow, bringing almost 30% of 2020 subscribers. These cities have roughly between 15,000 and 11,000 subscribers each. Brighton, Derby, Coventry, Norwich, Milton Keynes, Northampton, York, Plymouth, and Camden cities make the 20% of the 2020 subscribers, with an average quota of register members between 10,000 and 6,000 each.

Finally, Portsmouth, Bournemouth, Exeter, Bradford, Chester, Stoke-o-Trent, Swansea and Chelmsford – who represent the 10% of the new 2020 subscribers and have less than 6,000 members on Gleeden each – can be rightfully considered UK’s most faithful cities of 2020!


From sex to sexting: here’s why virtual adultery is the next big thing in dating

Dating as we knew it has drastically changed: so long one-night-stands with random Tinder’s finds, and welcome back old-fashion courtship on Gleeden. If in the pre-Covid19 era people willing to stray away from their marriage could easily hook up with total stranger, either with someone met online or in real life, 2020 narrowed down our options to virtual only.

With the virus not losing perilousness, the risk of contagion remaining extremely high and being the vaccine still out of reach for us commoners, 2020 pointed out how traditional infidelity is no longer an option.

2020 made our world a lot smaller, and took away our chance of making new encounters, at work, at the gym, at seminars, conventions, events etc. Therefore, the only available basins for new acquaintances are now dating websites where (often) the only way to communicate is through a keyboard. And Gleeden, that offers its members total privacy, protection and anonymity, is now the go-to place to find distraction.

During the course of 2020, Gleeden registered an average time of navigation of over 2.5 hours per day (compared to 1 hour and a half recorder in the UK prior to the pandemic), twice longer conversation threads, and members’ uploads of personal photos in private albums thrice much than before.