Posté le 30 October 2015

Infidelity can help fight the autumn blues!


With the arrival of autumn, one often experiences the blues. More so, because the days get shorter, the sun is conspicuously absent and holidays are long gone. These factors can have a real impact on libido. Yet, according to a study by the website, Gleeden, a leader in extra-marital dating, Autumn can have the opposite effect!
Indeed, after interviewing over 10,000 male and female members of the site, 82% of them believe that, for various reasons, Autumn is a time for reconciliation, and sex, which can help avoid the famous seasonal blues. Surprising? Not really, when you think about it…


Cuddling and spending evenings under the quilt

Cold days just make you want to warm up, to rub up against each other and snuggle under the quilt. While the bikini is more attractive than socks, they it is the socks which favour a relaxing touch. We have lesser desire to go out and prefer a warm atmosphere, and therefore get intimate more often. Autumn is the season when even the testosterone level is highest. For the non-believers, this is also the time to find a different kind of relationship. Far from the fast, purely sexual interludes, it is time to share a true moment outside of daily life. 36% of respondents are Gleeden members who like to cuddle with their lover(s) in autumn.


They are more faithful to their lovers

Summer is the season of nightly meetings, passionate and ephemeral adventures. However, when Autumn comes, desires change. It takes more time to exchange, build and share. A relationship beyond one night stands, spontaneous and without special needs; they are the fruit of real seduction, a desire that is shared between two people who really like each other. For nearly a quarter of members surveyed (22%), fall is the time to find a lover(s), with whom one can share more than a stolen moment and to ensure some heat for the winter. This is an opportunity, if not to be true to your spouse, to be faithful to your lover(s).


It is even sexier in a sweater!

In summer, women are the queens of seduction and know perfectly well how build on their strengths. Of course, the light dresses and pretty necklines often enhance their effect. However, men do not necessarily like that. They also like to guess the forms that lie beneath the layers of clothing, while thinking that they are the only ones entitled to discover them. Cover maintains the mystery. Moreover, women appreciate being stripped even more. 18% of respondents admitted to having more desire to undress once fall arrived!


In summer, infidelity is more risky

Whoever likes summer, means holidays. For the non-believers, this is a time when one must use their imagination to find an excuse to meet their lover(s). At work, it is difficult to invent a new late meeting or seminar for the umpteenth time when half of the employees are on vacation; and for the infidels who are just on holiday, it is very complicated to slip away to make a call or send a few passionate messages without taking big risks. Autumn is often synonymous with new concrete alibis, to the delight of the infidels. 14% of respondents love the fall because of this.


Solene Paillet, head of Gleeden communication responds to an inquiry:
This study shows that it is not only in summer that cravings are felt, on the contrary, the coolest seasons seem to be true allies of libido. Since the arrival of Autumn, we have also seen a 35% increase in traffic to our website. Members were spoiled for choice to follow their desires!“.

Finally, only 10% of respondents say they have a decreased libido at the arrival of autumn. The others seem to see infidelity as good remedy against the winter blues and enjoy this season to warm up in the arms of their lover(s)!


* online survey conducted from October 13 to October 19, 2015, on 10 011 female and male members in Europe.